Welcome !

My purpose in becoming an Independent Candidate for the forthcoming General Election in Barking, is to inspire an exciting debate in identifying what is really meant by;


British values and Christianity.


My approach to this endeavour, is to present myself to the people of Barking and Britain, in the likeness of a modern Joseph. In the Bible, there is a true historical account of a person called Joseph, (with his amazing multicoloured coat) who was sold as a slave by his own jealous brothers to a convoy of passing  businessmen on route to Egypt. There he was again sold as a slave to a prominent government minister in Pharaoh’s court called Potiphar. Unfortunately his wife took a fancy to Joseph, and after some amorous advances which he declined, she felt scorned and succeeded in unjustly imprisoning Joseph.


Inside prison Joseph gained a strong reputation for interpreting dreams which the Egyptians greatly valued in those times. Pharaoh (The King,) had imprisoned one of his own ministers whom had a dream which Joseph successfully interpreted that upon his release Pharaoh would promote him to a higher position in government. Where upon his release the minister was promoted exactly as Joseph had foretold. When Pharaoh himself had a very bad dream in which no one in his court was able to interpret, this promoted government official 2 yrs later remembered how capable Joseph was in interpreting dreams and advised Pharaoh, whom immediately summoned Joseph.


When Pharaoh heard the interpretation which Joseph gave, that he famously foretold that there would be 7 good yrs of crops followed by 7 yrs of famine, Pharaoh immediately recognised that Egypt was in grave peril. Pharaoh was so impressed by Joseph that he actually asked for Joseph’s advise as to what he could suggest needed to be done to avert disaster. Again Joseph’s advise so impressed Pharaoh that he felt confident to appoint Joseph to effectively become what we may now regard as being Pharaoh’s Prime Minister! Joseph promptly deployed all the necessary preparations with Pharaoh’s ministers in which things turned out exactly as Joseph had predicted, and Egypt’s stature increased greatly, and also in helping other nations to overcome the 7 yrs of famine.


Joseph’s life is one of the finest ever recorded in the Bible. He achieve many things. These three perhaps the most important. Firstly, Joseph’s life reflected the spiritual integrity of the Lord Jesus Christ in more ways than any other single person in the entire Bible ! Secondly, because of Joseph, his entire family became a nation. Thirdly, he always believed that faith in God gave him the inner strength to service the secular needs on an entire nation.


Our world is much more complex than that of Joseph and Pharaoh’s, but we all need similar things, hope for the future and guidance to make our lives a success. The Prime Minister, on our behalf, will always do his utmost to protect our future and govern to make our lives a success, I believe that I can help the Prime Minister in the same way that Joseph helped Pharaoh. The three most difficult problems which the Prime Minister has to overcome is the economic tsunami, regime reform, ie Iraq and Afghanistan and the threat of climate change.


In the menu is an itinerary of how I intend to run my campaign.