British Constitution Party

  A modern Pharaoh                                                                                               A modern Joseph


Dear Prime Minister,


When you came into office, you offered to the British people a fine  maxim and pledge of a ‘government by all the talents.’ Of course, this will mean devolving responsibility to all the diverse government departments. At the opposite end of the spectrum are people in society itself, which without their support, life would be difficult for everyone. I come to you with respect as one in society, no more and no less significant than any other person whom felt that they could make a meaningful contribution to the prosperity and security of our nation.


If, for example anyone of us were in sight or knowledge of an impending threat to imperil our nation or place people in harms way, I hope that we would all do our duty and inform the necessary authorities to deal with it. The contribution that I feel competent to offer with all my heart and mind, my soul and strength comes in the very likeness of the manner in which when Pharaoh had a bad dream, he called upon Joseph.


I have written to various persons in positions of authority, especially the Church and all I find are too afraid of what it is that I have to contribute and so I hope to become a candidate at the next General Election in Barking in order to make my findings  as transparent as possible, so that both you and the British people can judge for yourselves precisely what it is that I have to offer that can address the three most significant challenges that threatens our future;


The economic tsunami, regime reform, ie Iraq and Afghanistan and climate change.


I have actually applied successfully with The Electoral Commission to have an entire new political party properly registered under their authority called;


The British Constitution Party.



The first advice that I have to offer to you Prime Minister is to change the name of the Labour Party to; The British Constitution Party, for these reasons.


I want to stimulate debate and inspire the good people of Barking to consider what is meant by British values and Christianity and defend the Realm against the BNP’s false claim to represent the above aspiration. In this website I hope to make as clear as is humanly possible that it must be in the ‘The British constitution’ ITSELF, which embodies and symbolises the true and indisputable description  of what is meant by;


British values and Christianity, that is entirely compatible with;


The British Constitution Party.


Thus, British values and Christianity is the very essence of the British Constitution and that The British Constitution Party is the most credible party to represent the British electorate.

At the start of the election campaign this is how I would address the British electorate.



      Britain is at its best when our backs are to the wall, and what with the recent economic tsunami, regime reform, ( Iraq, Afghanistan ) and the threat of climate change, what more can the world throw at us? The British people, have shown the world how a great nation stood against the darkened forces of tyranny, violence and ignorance, giving back only compassion, enlightenment and every possible cultural, economic and political support wherever such reprehensible actions threaten not only British interests but also other nations around the globe.


In Britain today, there are people from virtually every corner of the world whom have found in the British Isles a place where their aspirations can be best achieved and this can only add to the prosperity of the British people in which their great heritage are enshrined in its;


History, religion, language, law and traditions.


Here is an unprecedented opportunity, in which a political statement can be made to invest in the essential values of what it is to be British, the very aim of ;


The British Constitution Party


Electing the future of Britain.


Britain has no written constitution, but its legacy is clearly defined in the above 5 variations of a common theme, its aspiration and achievements anchored firmly in its historic religion of Christianity, and its philosophical and cultural values of Western Civilisation. In fact the two most significant creative era of Western culture arguably came from The Reformation and The Enlightenment, with its majestic prelude in The Renaissance. Indeed, this new political party takes these three eras for its entire inspiration and cause, that it is the belief of this new British Constitution Party, that at its foundations, reside the three above criteria.


The entire fabric of Western culture, is based upon Christianity, the Arts and Sciences, Industry and the ability to govern nations. This is the foundation upon which the political structure of Western democracies are based. This journey owes a debt to Islam, when in the Dark Ages, the Papacy prudently collated the Arts and Sciences which splendid spiritual Moslem fathers preserved from the Greek Civilisation, in particular. This interpretation of the above criteria, inspires what this new political party aspires to achieve.


The first initiative that The British Constitution Party proposes at the General Election, is to offer every candidate a government post before the Election date, so that the electorate can decide for themselves to in fact elect the very composition of the government itself, from Cabinet Ministers to junior ministerial posts. This offers to the electorate unprecedented powers to endorse the Party Leaders judgment as acceptable or to be refused. The power of responsibility is actually devolved and made transparent. Never before will the electorate be offered such a radical opportunity at a General Election, in which their sense of responsibility and participation can afford a real and meaningful part in governing the future of the country.


Thank you kindly,

Yours sincerely,

Tom Darwood.



The British Constitution Party advocates responsible government in 5 areas relating to its;





  1. The Cabinet. 2. Advocate General for Scotland. 3. Cabinet Office. 4. Defence.
  1. 5. Foreign Office. 6. Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. 7. Privy council.
  1. 8. Scotland office. 9. Wales office.




  1. 11. H M Treasury.  12. Dept for business, innovation & skills.  13. Dept Health.

14. Dept for Children, Schools and Families.  15. Dept for Environment food and

      Rural affairs. 




     16.  Home Office.  17. Dept for Communities and local government.




     18.  House of Lords.  19. Ministry of Justice.




20.    Dept of Transport.  21. Dept for Culture, Media & Sport.  22. Government

Equalities Office.  22. Dept energy & climate change.  23. Dept for

International Development.  24. Dept for work & pensions.  25. Leader of

The House of Commons.





The policies of the above government departments will be divided into 2 Divisions.


The first 17 Dept, under, History, Religion and Law, these major policies held under the Whips control. The remaining departments given an Independent voice, or a free vote.

Constitutional reform of the Monarchy.


The single most significant aspiration of The British Constitution Party is to modernise and reform constitutionally the role of the Monarch to be transfigured into the entire former House of Lords into becoming the Royal Family itself, to become the nation’s think tank, to stride ahead of legislation and survey the nation’s territorial ambitions. This new institution also acts as a New Opposition to the Government itself.


The nation’s most experienced body of people should no longer be subject to the agenda of the Commons, this is a waste of the nation’s most valued asset its collective experience. This body of men and women, are the most prudent counsel well equipped to survey the nation’s territorial ambitions, ahead of all other institutions in the land.


In the era of deference, it was fitting for a constitutional hereditary monarchy. In our ongoing society of a liberal meritocracy, only an elected monarchy, carries the right kind of criteria in which aspirations are driven by the highest aspiration, the call to Duty, in which the Monarch, can inspire the highest expression of what duty means.


This new institution has no legislative powers, it tours the country in which the Monarch is the nation’s supreme figurehead, to advise, encourage and to warn, ahead of legislation. Current figures in British life, may be called to become representatives of the Royal Family in a ‘time share capacity.’


MP’s  expenses.


It is proposed that the Olympic Village, after the 2012 Olympic Games  to be turned into permanent living accommodation for MP’s and their families, in concert with the local population to live as a normal community.


A Central Office independent of Parliament  to ensure transparency of MP’s expenses will also be located here, where MP’s families could be employed with the local residence.


A annual review to scrutinise MP’s expenses will be  implemented in the likeness of an MOT in which serious wrongdoing will have the power to dismiss an MP from Parliament.


A ‘Debating Chamber’ will be sited to encourage small campaign groups to be heard and create a ‘mini college’ for future MPs. Scholarships will be created which will link up with the local constituencies, whom may sponsor a future political candidate. This in effect is government sponsorship of political parties, but during their preparation stages only.


Future General Elections.


All future General Elections may still be called by the presiding Prime Minister but a fairer time span of six weeks to allow for fair play and involvement by new candidates.



Details of actual policies will be published later.