J Factor

The ‘J’ Joseph factor


In the true account of ‘Joseph before Pharaoh of Egypt,’ the figure of Joseph reflects the stature of Jesus Christ in more ways than any other single person in the entire Bible. His promotion by Pharaoh to effectively become Egypt’s Prime Minister, is entirely dependant upon his relationship with God, which empowered him to serve Pharaoh. It was his spiritual integrity, which came to the service of the secular needs of the people of Egypt.


A modern Joseph, must achieve the same criteria, but relative to the entire fabric of;


Western Civilisation, a modern ‘Egypt.’


In the days of the Pharaoh of Egypt, the Biblical account was based upon the dependency of the Egyptians to rely upon the interpretation of dreams to determine the future which they so valued in the protection of their great culture and way of life. It was Joseph’s unique talent to possess the ability to interpret these dreams especially of Pharaoh himself which convinced Pharaoh that Joseph held the right interpretation by which Egypt could avoid disaster and thus Pharaoh appointed Joseph to High Office effectively making Joseph the Prime Minister


The three most significant ‘bad dreams,’ which threaten every modern Pharaoh ie eg, the British Prime Minister allude to the economic tsunami, regime reform and climate change.

These problems are the most significant scenario which threaten the modern world, in which ironically and paradoxically, has perpetuated as a direct result of the way of life based upon ;


Western Civilisation.


The most significant criteria to address the above scenario is a Figurehead whom has the stature to address Western Civilisation. A true ‘modern Joseph’ will in the future inherit 5 distinct Identities capable of addressing the entire fabric of Western Civilisation.


1.                  Archbishop of Canterbury.

2.                  The British Constitutional Monarch.

3.                  The Pope.

4.                  To symbolise theologically the Biblical figure of Adam.

5.                  Joseph becomes Spokesman to interpret the role of the four figureheads.


Joseph will interpret how these Figureheads come to a Singularity to inspire the necessary political implementation of modern Pharaohs, beginning with our own Prime Minister.


I will make a presentation of how these significant criteria embodied in this Singular Figurehead  are offered to overcome the most significant scenario, of the economic tsunami, regime reform and climate change.


The ‘X’ factor in politics.

I will provide in future dates an outline of a possible TV programme to create the ‘X’ factor in politics, inspired of the ‘J’ Joseph factor. I hope to interest Simon Cowell in this concept.